Our Partners

Spectrum Control

Spectrum Control manufactures a wide variety of RF & MW components:

  • Amplifiers: Power Amplifiers, High Linearity, LNA’s and Low Phase Noise
  • Filters:  Cavity, Lumped Element, Ceramic, Combline, Suspended Substrate Stripline, Diplexers, Multiplexers and Switch Filters
  • Frequency Sources:  PLO, DRO, CRO, VCO, DTO, Frequency Multiplier Oscillators. Synthesizers
  • RF Components:   Mixers, Switches, Limiters, Attenuators, PIN Diode Drivers,  Delay Lines, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Hybrids and Couplers
  • Power Conversion Products: Power Supplies (200-5500 W, 28VDC), Switched AC or DC Power Distribution and Power Strips

Online at: www.apitech.com

Spectrum Control Inmet

Inmet is a solution minded, performance driven, and customer focused global supplier of passive RF and Microwave components for markets such as:

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Space
  • Laboratory test

Product solutions include the POWERFILM™ line of surface mount resistive components, coaxial signal conditioning products to 65 GHz, and coaxial test cable assemblies.

Online at:  www.inmet.apitech.com


Weinschel by Spectrum Control

MW Components and Subsystems operating over the dc to 40 GHz frequency range. Products include:

  • Programmable step attenuators
  • Resistive power splitters/dividers
  • High power (up to 1000 watts) fixed attenuators
  • Terminations
  • Continuously variable and manual variable attenuators
  • DC Blocks
  • RF simulation subsystems

Online at: www.weinschel.com

APA Wireless Technologies

APA Wireless Technologies

APA Wireless Technologies is an ISO 9001 Certified single-source technology developer and manufacturer of:

  • High Performance Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • Coaxial Resonator Oscillators
  • Yig Replacement Oscillators
  • PLL synthesizers offered in frequencies from 10 MHz to 9.75 GHz

Online at: APAWireless.com

Cuming Microwave

Cuming Microwave Corporation

Cuming Microwave Corporation is a global supplier of:

  • Microwave Absorbers
  • Radar Absorbers
  • Dielectric Materials
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • EMC Chambers for the Defense
  • Electronic, Telecom, Medical & Automotive Industries – A Complete Line of EMI Absorbers and EMI Suppression Materials

Online at: CumingMicrowave.com



Herotek is a supplier of:

  • FET Amplifiers
  • Detectors – Schottky, Tunnel
  • Limiters
  • Comb Generators

Online at: Herotek.com




  • RF/MW connectors and cable assemblies
  • Test cables to 50GHz
  • Blind mate board-to-board pcb connectors
  • Adaptors
  • Couplers
  • Attenuators
  • Antennas
  • Lightning protection
  • High speed digital interconnect to 40Gbps
  • Fiber optic connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  •  MXP 50GHz High Speed Cabling

Online at: HuberSuhner.com/en



Piconics is a world-class supplier of high-quality microelectronic coil inductors for a wide variety of applications in the space, military, telecom, test & measurement and medical electronics industries.

  • Broadband Conical Inductors
  • RF & MW Air Coils
  • Fixed Inductors
  • Tunable Inductors
  • Spiral Inductors

Online at: Piconics.com


Presidio Components, Inc.

  • Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • Microwave/RF, single layer, Fiber Optic broadband
  • US manufacturer of Hi Rel Ceramic Capacitors
  • Surface Mount Chips
  • Stacks, Radial Leaded High Voltage, High temperature (250C)
  • Certified for MIL-PRF-123, MIL-PRF-49470, MIL-PRF-49467, MIL-PRF-55681 Microwave RF, Power applications for Space, Military, Medical, Down Hole, Avionic, High Quality Commercial. 150 millions of parts in stock.

Online at: PresidioComponents.com


RF & Microwave MMIC’s:

  • Amplifiers
  • T/R MMIC’s
  • Switches
  • Frequency Converters
  • Mixers
  • Doublers
  • Attenuators
  • Limiters
  • Phase Shifters
  • NRZ Drivers
  • 40 & 100 G Driver Amplifiers
  • TIA’s
  • Transimpedance Amplifiers
  • VGA’s
  • Bessel Filters
  • Transistors
  • SAW Filters
  • BAW Filters


Online at: http://www.qorvo.com/

Q-Tech Corporation

Q-Tech Corporation

RF & Microwave MMIC’s:

  • High Reliability Crystal Oscillators (QPL)
  • Space & Military Low Phase Noise OCXO’s
  • SAW Oscillators
  • Military MCXO, TCXO & VCXO
  • High Temperature Oscillators (225 C) and Real Time Clock

Rodelco Electronics Corp.

Rodelco Electronics

RF & Microwave MMIC’s:

  • Custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies Spanning 10 MHz to 50 GHz.
  • Build to Print or Design to Specification


Online at: Rodelco-USA.com

State of the Art, Inc.

State of the Art, Inc.

  • Thick & Thin Film Resistors.
    • Chip Resistors
    • Precision Chip Resistors
    • Military Products (MIL-PRF-55342/-914/-32159)
    • High Frequency Products (Temp variable attenuators)
    • Resistor Networks


Online at: Resistor.com