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Products Available From Piconics

Broadband Conical Inductors

The Piconics broadband conical inductor is ideal for applications ranging from test instrumentation to microwave circuit design. This broadband inductor makes an excellent bias tee for use in communication platforms and RF test setups out to 100 GHz.

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Broadband Conical Inductors manufactured by Piconics.

Fixed Inductors

Piconics has three different product series for fixed inductors – the PA series, PG series, and the PK series. 

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Fixed Inductors manufactured by Piconics.

RF & Microwave Air Coils

Piconics has four different series, M series, MG series, MC series, and S series, and a build your own coil options.

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RF Microwave Air Coils manufactured by Piconics.

Spiral Inductors

Piconics SP Series is a thin film gold spiral inductor deposited on a ceramic or quartz chip. This style inductor can be used where low inductance values and gold wire bond is the interconnection method.

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Spiral Inductor manufactured by Piconics.

Tunable Inductors

Piconics has three different product series for tunable inductors – the PKV series, ST series, and the TT series.

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Tunable Inductors manufactured by Piconics.