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Products Available From Qorvo


Qorvo’s amplifier portfolio offers the widest selection of components in the RF industry. Our amplifiers can be used in a wide variety of different applications, such as mobile devices, wireless connectivity, network infrastructure and defense / aerospace.

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Amplifiers manufactured by Qorvo.


Qorvo offers a broad portfolio of variable attenuators with digital or analog control operating up to 50 GHz. We also have a family of wideband fixed attenuators sold in die form that operate to 50 GHz. These attenuators use silicon on insulator (SOI) or pHEMT technologies to provide a wide selection of performance in frequency range, linearity, switching speed and robustness.

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Attenuators manufactured by Qorvo.


Qorvo offers a full portfolio of automotive solutions to meet the challenging requirements of the automotive industry. Our integrated front end modules for automotive combine some or all of the following functions: power amplifiers, switch solutions and low noise amplifiers with bypass functionality.

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Quasar Bi-Directional DC-EV Charger manufactured by Qorvo.

BAW Filters

Qorvo innovations in bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology are a vital component in advanced filtering solutions for mobile products, as well as the world’s most advanced radar and communications systems.

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BAW Filters manufactured by Qorvo.

CATV Hybrid Amplifiers

Qorvo’s portfolio of hybrid cable TV (CATV) amplifiers brings leading-edge technology and best-in-class performance for broadband access markets, with integrated functions to decrease PCB space and reduce bill of materials.

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CATV Hybrid Amplifier manufactured by Qorvo.


Qorvo offers single-package diplexers that leverage our expertise in BAW and SAW filters, packaging and module development. These highly integrated devices offer a small size and include internal matching and phasing.

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Diplexer manufactured by Qorvo.

Discrete Transistors

Qorvo offers a variety of high-power and high-frequency RF transistors including GaAs pHEMTS and GaN HEMTs, in both die and packaged form.

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Discrete Power Transistor manufactured by Qorvo.


Our state-of-the-art RF filters lead the industry for size, performance, cost and time to market. Qorvo’s advanced LowDrift™ and NoDrift™ filters provide market-leading, ultra-stable temperature performance and an enhanced user experience by enabling the highest level of LTE coexistence wireless network coverage.

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Filter manufactured by Qorvo.


Many of today’s high-performing, sensitive receive components need protection from incident RF signals. For over 25 years, Qorvo has a proven track record in supporting the world’s radar systems with this protection using our GaAs VPIN technology and related products.

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Limiter manufactured by Qorvo.


Qorvo offers a variety of transistors and amplifiers with industry-leading low noise performance. We provide multiple product solutions, ranging from discrete transistors, packaged MMIC solutions incorporating internal matching and on-chip linearization, and dual amplifiers for use as push-pull or balanced amplifier configurations.

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Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) manufactured by Qorvo.


Qorvo offers a broad range of mixers for up- or down conversion of RF signals. The portfolio includes standalone mixers, mixers with integrated buffer amplifiers, and dual-branch solutions that integrate buffer amplifiers with RF baluns on-chip.

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Mixers manufactured by Qorvo.

Optical Converters

As the demand for bandwidth increases, so does the demand for reliable and flexible optical solutions. Qorvo’s high-performance core optical products and solutions support data rates from 40G to 400G.

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Phase Shifters

As more RF systems move to phased-array architectures, Qorvo’s product solutions are a key enabler by providing high-performance, multibit phase shifters. Based on GaAs technology, Qorvo solutions offer low phase and amplitude errors, which support the high-fidelity beam steering required by existing and next-generation radar, communication and electronic warfare (EW) systems.

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Phase Shifters manufactured by Qorvo.

Power Amplifier

Power amplifier (PA) solutions for different frequency and power levels. Our PAs support demanding system requirements for mobile applications, commercial infrastructure and a variety of military and space systems.

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Power Amplifiers manufactured by Qorvo.