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Products Available From Q-Tech Corporation

Crystal Oscillator

Q-Tech Corporation’s Crystal Oscillator (XO) products are offered in various package sizes, voltages, and logic types. We provide oscillators for all high reliability markets: Space, Aerospace, Military / Avionics, and High Temperature / Down Hole.

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Crystal Oscillator manufactured by Q-Tech.


Q-Tech’s MCXO products have OCXO performance with less than 90 mW power consumption, and initialization time: < 5 seconds from power on to full performance, and a startup time: 20 ms to ±50 ppm.

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MCXO manufactured by Q-Tech.


Q-Tech has extensive experience in creating standard and customized Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) solutions for the Space and Defense markets. 

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OCXO manufactured by Q-Tech.


Q-Tech’s TCXO products are ultra-stable products for demanding high reliability space applications. They are also the world’s tightest stability TCXO for Space, as tight as ± 4 PPM total error budget for 18 years.

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TCXO manufactured by Q-Tech.


Q-Tech’s VCXO products have the high-performance range of VCXOs feature low jitter, low phase noise and selectable output frequencies. Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VXCO) are designed to meet the rigorous demands of Military and Space Standards.

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VCXO manufactured by Q-Tech.

AXTAL Products

AXTAL’s core business comprises advanced Frequency Control Products (FCP), mainly Crystal & SAW oscillators and Frequency & Timing Modules. The main product focus is on High-Reliability Oscillators and Frequency Control Modules with high requirements for environmental conditions, ultra-low noise performance, very high stability and frequency generation up into the GHz range for applications like test equipment, radar, microwave communication, military, aerospace and space.

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